Meisha Demears Makeup Artist

Hair & Makeup


I really wish to inspire people with my work, ‘beauty’ to me is a feeling. I think beauty really comes from within. I started this whole journey hoping to help a few learn some of the tricks i’ve learned along the way.


I’ve come to learn the universal importance of love and self acceptance. Through my own personal struggles and defeats, I have opened up a new way of thinking. I hope you take the time to get to know me and learn some little tricks that everyone can use in their daily life!


My love for you is endless x


Model: Chantelle Lockett @chantelle_lockett Photographer: Bruno Domingues HMUA: Meisha Demears @meishaforbeauty Designer: Niki Teljega @nikiteljega Assistant: Yassine Dahiri @yassinedahiri Assistant: Morgan Carew